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A Nice And Juicy Black Plum

A little lusty poem to consider on this rainy day...

(Photo Credit: Jerri Lynn Sparks) It’s 2 a.m. and I’ve just bitten into a nice and juicy black plum which I had chilling just for you hoping someday that you’d come I consider the sweetness of its flesh wondering if it tastes just like you wondering if somehow we could mesh and let our desires grow anew But I grew tired of waiting for the honey of your fruit There’s only so much anticipating before it all becomes moot So I devoured the juicy treasure took it into my mouth with the hunger of a lust left too long to measure from years ago when I was younger From "Ten Good Things About The Rain And Other Poems" by Jerri Lynn Sparks #JuicyPlums #UnrequitedLove

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