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Dividing The Gentle And The Rebellious

A poem about birds... Night came and there was poetry - from young hearts that gradually crept up One boy wore soft lavender hair in a mohawk dividing the gentle and the rebellious Back home the cardinals were waiting strangely in the tall green grass frantically hopping around with rain and rabbits much too early for Christmas colors… And then I saw the chaos of man: the shocking vastness of open space the stunning void of green shade and the glaring lack of cool and darkness There was no warning of this loss no common courtesy about cutting just the way men thought it should be scrapped and now the birds have nothing… This morning there was a war in the trees and the cardinals were chaos crying and cawing from battle branches a blur of red and blue in an anguish swirl There will be no shade for many summers now no festive songs from the snow-covered pine no shelter for gentle birds in the boughs nothing dividing the gentle and the rebellious

Photo Credit: Jerri Lynn Sparks (Dark-eyed junco) #planttrees #savetrees #birdshomes

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