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Jared's Recipe For A Happy Life

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Smoothies & Sundays One weekend morning a week my adult son with autism comes home and we cook together. This morning we made chocolate chip cookies and this Peach Pineapple Mint Tea smoothie. It is so refreshing and delicious (and healthy!) that I had to share. Ever since Jared was little he has loved helping me cook. He has his own apron and he's always dreaming up new smoothie recipes and wants to some day open up his own smoothie business. Before the pandemic, he'd just started getting job training at The Arc where he was learning kitchen skills and delivering Meals On Wheels to senior citizens. He's just had his second dose of the vaccine so he's hopeful that he will get to resume his culinary work soon. He's 23 now but still believes in the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus, yet he also knows a lot about politics, Egyptian history (a favorite topic of his) and everything you'd ever want to know about Rosa Parks and Susan B. Anthony, even insisting we visit her grave when he voted for the first time so he could place his "I Voted" sticker on her headstone. I'm so proud of him in every way and wanted to share his culinary creativity. We often define individuals with intellectual differences as "disabled" instead of referring to them by what I've always thought of as "differently *abled.*" We all have something to contribute to the world. My son is the little mayor wherever he goes and he spreads so much joy for life in our Upstate community. I hope you try this smoothie recipe. It has perked me up this Spring morning.

Recipe: Jared's Peach Pineapple Mint Tea Smoothie: 2 cups frozen peaches 2 cups pineapple juice Two 6-ounce containers plain Greek yogurt 1 peppermint tea bag contents 1 heaping Tablespoon chia-flax seeds combo Makes about 6 to 8 cups Nice and refreshing! Love my son's smoothie recipes. He's so creative. This one was inspired by a recipe he saw on the bag of frozen peaches, altered by what we had on hand.

Photo Credit: Jerri Lynn Sparks

We all have something to contribute to the world.

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