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What We Make

This is a true story...My Sunday Morning Offering: Parenthood (or What We Make)

If you are not completely selfless Parenthood will teach you How To Be all the things you never thought you could be along with loneliness and the special haggard hunger of the exhausted

There will be days of paste on your face - dried yogurt and crushed raisins discarded juice boxes and discarded plans - Crazy sleep stealers will invade your bedroom and make off with your sanity like pastel-clad cloud ninjas whose hair smells like lavender and hope

At times your walls will feel like cardboard and the kids will have played blocks with your Leaning Tower of Pisa in the sink and will have smeared Toddlerhood in your tresses and pressed chaos into your chest that once housed your personal dreams which were shiny and refreshing like the cool ribbons of summer creeks

But now your adventures come with Disney tunes and taffeta Matchbox cars and magic costumes and when you collapse on the couch at the end of the day because no way can you even *think* about making it to your bed…

PLEASE know that all this will end one day and you tell yourself you can’t wait…

And then it does and you’re finally “free” and you’re dancing under the moon and stars *where you belong* the wild sky night that you have so long hungered for LIGHTS YOU UP and you’re singing – no SCREAMING - along with friends and strangers in the mosh pit of survival at the top of your still-young lungs twirling like your toddlers once did to the godforsaken ‘Barney’ (“I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family…”) when your heart does a full stop:

because you see this couple in their twenties in front of you swaying to the music their three-year-old running around on the green grass of the future with the setting sun shining in his golden Tomorrow hair softly illuminating all the perfect possibility in his nascent noggin’ and the whole world is wondering “What’s he gonna be?”

And you think: “I once made one of those…”

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