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When I Had You

When I Had You There was that time when I had you a few minutes or maybe a few days rocking when I rocked or when I simply walked away I carried you with me to the ocean sat on the cliffs and watched the waves and wondered if they’d ever move again in certain comforting ways Your undreamt brothers came before you and said goodbye without inflection so I should know the path to an empty house but I seem to have lost direction So I go and sit with bones a while in my head and hands with flowers that should have been planted years before I took the time to spend these hours Guilt is the ghost of those we’ve lost calling back over their shoulder “Don’t waste the gift of time One day we all grow older…”

(Photo credit: Jerri Lynn Sparks; 2018, atop Aquinnah Light, Martha's Vineyard) #MothersDay #BlueRidgeGirl #MarthasVineyard #AquinnahLight #Poetry #SundayMorningOffering

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