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Your Sun Will Never Speak

Your Sun Will Never Speak He lies in bed and breathes and has been doing so for twenty-three years unexpectedly a loss before his surprise a struggle before his uprise from silent years and mother’s tears “Your sun will never speak” (I saw the words hang in the air with “son” spelled “sun” for some unknown reason… perhaps a stroke perhaps a joke perhaps to provoke but definitely a quote) Then the list of all The Nevers came: -He will never drive -He will never get married -He will never have children -He will never… And yet he’s here EVER with me and my dreams listening to his achieving his… waiting and watching for the sun a dark house watching the break of blue-black sky about to crack wide open pure pink and possibilities like his mind when he was three and still hadn’t spoken and doctors said he never would but I demanded OH YES HE WOULD! “Is it light out now?” he asks me and the air, quietly, knowing (He always knows) and he always asks… I consider the sweet gift: of him of sound of silence of “I love you so much” and “I can never lose you” as he waits and watches for the sun and as I wait and watch for my sun

-A poem for my son Jared. -Jerri Lynn Sparks April 10th, 2021

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